Proper Cleaning Methods For Your Favorite Cookware Sets

This lovely world we live in is filled with hundreds of thousands of different products. Many of these products are used for cooking. Since you’re reading this, you probably own at least one set of cookware and want to know how to clean it.

You should know that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to clean these products, but there are some cleaning methods that will help you to clean in the most efficient and least-harmful way possible. Nobody wants to accidently ruin a $600 set of cookware because they didn’t take 10 minutes to research proper cleaning methods.

Let’s be honest here – the dishwasher is a fantastic invention, and most of us don’t want to think of what life would be like without it. However, when you’re cleaning, it’s a good idea to avoid using the dishwasher.

It might be acceptable to use every once in a while, but whenever possible, you should try to hand-wash your pots and pans. We understand that a lot of manufacturers say that it’s acceptable to use the dishwasher, but that doesn’t mean that you should!

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Harsh detergents and extreme temperature fluctuations can damage and dull the finish on your favorite set. For every type, except cast-iron, which can be cleaned with nothing more than hot water, you should use some simple dishwashing liquid.

How to Clean Cast-Iron Cookware

In most cases, you should have no problem cleaning cast-iron cookware with hot water. However, there are some situations that might require some vegetable oil and coarse salt. You can mix equal parts coarse salt and vegetable oil and use this paste to scrub your cast-iron pots and pans; rinse with hot water.

How to Clean Anodized Aluminum

It’s important to understand that high-heat can leave ugly scorch marks on anodized aluminum. If you want to try to fix discoloration, you can boil a mixture of 1 quart water and 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar; let the mixture sit for about 15 minutes.

You can apply the mixture to the discolored spots using a sponge. Sets made from anodized aluminum can be cleaned with soap and hot water.

 How to Clean Copper Cookware

To clean copper pots and pans, just wash them out with hot water and soap. If you want to keep the exterior nice and shiny, make sure you polish it regularly. There are several different mixtures that you can use to polish copper. A simple mixture consists of a lemon half that has been dipped in salt.

All you need to do is rub the exterior with the lemon half. You can also coat the surface with a very thin layer of ketchup and allow it to sit for about 25 minutes and rinse. It’s the acids found in the ketchup and lemon that remove tarnish from the copper.

Cleaning Non-stick Cookware

A lot of people own non-stick pots and pans. To clean this type of cookware, you can use a soft sponge and wash the pots and pans with hot and soapy water. If you end up with tough grime on your non-stick pots and pans, you can put them in the freezer for 30 minutes, which will freeze the tough grim and make it easy to remove.

Cleaning Your Stainless-steel Cookware

If you don’t already own a stunning set of stainless-steel cookware, then you don’t know what you’re missing. To clean stainless steel, you can wash it with hot and soapy water.

Over time, stainless steel can become splotchy, and when it does, you can brighten it with a soft, moistened cloth and white vinegar. These are some of the most popular types of cookware and how to clean them. By using these cleaning methods, you will ensure your favorite set of cookware lasts as long as possible.